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This professional certificate course is designed to provide detailed information on the fundamentals of Bahamian land law, conveyancing, legal and equitable mortgages, and practical insights/guidance on the legal, commercial, compliance, and risk management issues relating to property matters involving mortgages including but not limited to the duties and liabilities of a mortgagee, mortgagor, contractor, realtor and other parties to property and/or mortgage transaction.


The course will also include in-depth analysis of various legal, conveyancing, mortgage documents, interactive classroom discussion of practical case studies, and practical guidance on the law relating to Bahamian land law, conveyancing, and mortgages.


Course Curriculum


  1. Bahamian Land Law

  2. Understanding the Conveyancing Process

  3. Different Types of Mortgages

  4. The Law Relating to Mortgages

  5. Mortgagor’s Duties and Liabilities

  6. Mortgagee’s Duties and Liabilities

  7. Understanding the Mortgage Process

  8. Practical Examination of Legal, Conveyancing, and Mortgage Documents

  9. Customer Due Diligence

  10. Duties and Liabilities of Realtors and Contractors

  11. Legal and Credit Risk for Property/Mortgage Transactions

  12. Ethics and Risk Management                                

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