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Fundamentals in Cyber Security 

Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing criminal activities in the world and has surpassed illegal drug trafficking as a criminal money maker. It covers a wide range of illegal activity including financial scams and
computer hacking and costs businesses millions of dollars each year.

Criminals exploit both the general public and organisations to steal money, commit fraud and undertake other criminal activities such as identity theft. Their motivations vary. Some are driven by financial gain whilst others by ideology and the prospect of bringing down institutions from the inside.

Enhanced security precautions and increased awareness of the issues can help prevent cyber attacks. The ICA Advanced Certificate in Cyber Security has been designed to equip risk, compliance, AML and fraud
prevention professionals with the knowledge they need to combat these sophisticated crimes and mitigate the risk they pose.


The ICA Advanced Certificate in Cyber Security is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the subject. However, the content of the programme requires students to possess:

  • Sound educational background

  • Good written English skills

This innovative qualification will teach you the fundamentals of information and communications technology so you will better understand common cyber security vulnerabilities. You will learn about typical cyber security attack vectors, the motivations driving cyber criminals and discover how to put security control frameworks in place. The course also covers useful AML/ CTF/Fraud automated tools as well as addressing ongoing and future developments in the sphere of cyber security.

Entry Requirments 
  • Commences: January 2018

  • Duration: 3 Months 

  • Tuition: $695 - $895* + $50 reg fee + VAT

  • Books not included




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