Employment Law & Practice Stage I & II 

This professional certificate course provides a comprehensive, interactive, and solutions-oriented approach to understanding and applying employment law and practices in the Bahamas. The course is specifically designed to integrate innovative classroom teaching of relevant legal principles and employment best practices with in-depth analysis, debate, and discussion of topical employment case studies within the modern Bahamian work environment.


Course Objectives:


  1. To assist course participants in developing a basic understanding of the legal principles which apply to the relationship between employer and employee.

  2. To develop practical approaches and effective strategies in identifying, evaluating, and resolving simple and complex employment issues in the workplace.

  3. To critically review and assess existing company policies, procedures, and practices relating to employment law and best practices.


Course Syllabus: The certificate course will cover the following areas:


  • The Employment Act and related legislation

  • The Employer-Employee Relationship

  • Employer-Employee Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities

  • Disciplinary and Grievance Processes

  • Termination

  • Current Employment Issues in the Bahamian workplace


Who will benefit by attending this certificate course:


  • Human Resource Managers

  • Recruitment and Talent Development Officers

  • Credit Union Executives

  • Accountants

  • Lawyers

  • Regulators

  • Company Officers

  • Entrepreneurs


  • Stage I commences: Jan 12th - Mar 19th, 2020

  • Duration: 12 weeks

  • Days: Saturdays 

  • Time: 9:30am - 12 noon

  • Stage II Tuition: $1,395 members $1,695 + $50 reg fee

  • Books & course materials included