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"The CIRM program has far exceeded my expectations. The program offers the flexibility of distance learning, which is quite convenient to working financial professionals. We were able to learn from some of the sharpest minds in the industry, who shared a wealth of practical, real-world knowledge and experience and challenged us to think outside the box. The class discussions and assignments were intense! They provided an opportunity to analyse risks relating to current industry events, which ensured that we were always kept abreast with emerging risks.

The modules cover the areas of Enterprise Wide Risk Management, Credit and Operational Risk, Investment and Liquidity Risk, Market Risk and Financial Instruments, Regulations and Compliance Risk, Corporate Governance and Reputational Risk. The completion of the CIRM program has surely equipped me with the relevant analytical skills to make that next career move"

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"Being a career banker, I found the Advanced Level Credit Course to be very rewarding in that, it took my analysis of financial statements and the overall financial health of a business to an even deeper level, and has equipped me with the necessary tools to truly analyze both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of a business for the purposes of lending. A very successful Bahamian businessman gave a commencement speech to a graduate class a few years ago, to which I had the privilege to attend, and in his speech he said, "Accounting is the language of business, you must be able to speak the language.", this resonated with me. This course not only enables you to speak the language but also, particularly as it relates to credit/lending, it significantly enhances your ability to interpret that language when spoken to you. 

The online platform allowed me to learn at my own pace which worked well for me as a family man and a professional, and because of this, I can confidently say I am better equipped at interpreting and analyzing the 'language of business' as it relates to specialized lending"

The Advanced Level Credit internationally accredited course aims to drill down into the financial statements of organizations and high-network clients to identify and quantify the risks of more complex business lines and specialised lending. The Institute and the Credit Skills Academy recommend that persons applying to the Advanced Level Credit Course first complete Level 1. There will be exceptions for individuals whose experience and educational background warrant an exemption from Level 1.


Delivery method Self-paced: online eLearning platform where you receive interactive and engaging content, video presentations, and a personalized study plan.


Interactive Modules:

Unit 1. Credit Risk Management

Unit 2. Business Risk

Unit 3. Asset Risk Rating

Unit 4. Large Company Analysis

Unit 5. Cash Flow Early warning signals

Unit 6. Syndicated Loans


This is an internationally accredited course through the Chartered Banker Institute and The Caribbean Association of Banks.

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