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Why study Credit Risk Management?

This internationally accredited qualification provides a solid grounding in the relevant lending principles and products and covers a variety of lending sectors, including personal lending, corporate lending and microfinance. The technical lending content is underpinned by consideration of effective lending practice, the importance of credit risk and how lending is influenced by regulation and ethics.


The Advanced Level Credit eLearning course aims to drill down into the financial statements of organizations and/or high-network clients to identify and quantify the risks of more complex business lines and specialised lending.


The Institute and the Credit Skills Academy recommend that persons applying to the Advanced Level Credit Course first complete Level 1. There will be exceptions to individuals whose experience and educational background warrant an exemption from Level 1.

Interactive Modules:

Unit 1. Credit Risk Management
Unit 2. Business Risk
Unit 3. Asset Risk Rating
Unit 4. Large Company Analysis
Unit 5. Cash Flow Early warning signals
Unit 6. Syndicated Facilities

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