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This course covers the practical areas of fund structures and strategies, accounting and valuation, taxation, and regulation for those working in fund administration or support.

The course will enable you to develop an understanding of the funds industry and some of the key roles that support fund operations, and consider the different fund structures, strategies for investment and regulatory obligations.

This course is awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester.



You will be able to

  • Understand the fundamental workings of the fund industry, including relevant terminology, and the roles and responsibilities of the different teams supporting a fund.

  • Be able to identify and understand different fund structures and the documents relating to them.

  • Be familiar with, and able to explain the differences between, various fund strategies.

  • Be familiar with key terminology and processes in relation to accounting and valuations, and be able to carry out straightforward calculations.

  • Understand the basic principles of the taxation of funds, including VAT and transfer pricing, and be able to carry out straightforward calculations.

  • Understand the key regulations affecting fund administrators and the obligations placed upon the fund administrator by company law and AML provisions.


You will be able to

  • The course has been designed for those who are relatively new to the industry or more experienced practitioners who want to refresh their core knowledge.

  • Students typically include:

  • Fund administrators

  • Accounting or finance graduates

  • Accountants

  • Auditors

  • Company secretaries

  • Compliance professionals

  • Lawyers/Solicitors

  • Investment managers

  • Support staff for custodians, banks or trusts

  • The programme gives you knowledge of the funds industry and enables you to understand the tasks that those administering or providing other support to a fund will carry out.

  • It is a unique qualification in the industry for those who work in fund administration, accounting and support/operations.

  • It forms part of a suite of fund administration qualifications and supports the career path of a fund administrator.

  • The course is delivered through e-learning with interactive exercises and tasks for students to complete, supplemented with videos, podcasts and a variety of other resources.

  • Students can submit academic queries to a dedicated Programme Delivery Manager.

  • The course is subject to the rigorous quality assurance procedures of Manchester Business School, a Faculty of the University of Manchester

  • Duration: 10 Weeks

  • Days: Saturdays

  • Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12 noon

  • Learning Platform: Zoom

  • Fee: $1,695 (members) and $1,995 (non-members) + Registration $50.00

  • Payment Plans: 1st instalment - $1,145 Balance before Final Exam

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